Thank you for creating with us. We believe life is more satisfying with great communication and intelligent preparation. We offer a few easy, healthy, & relaxing suggestions to get prepared. Take the day off, you've chosen a photography studio that delivers.

1) Let's meet for a coffee. Get to know your photographer. It's time to sit down and talk about you and shoot the sh*t.

2) Drink lots of water & eat healthy (we have suggestions on how to get quick results).

3) Be happy. You're going to get great headshots. It's more important that you arrive happy & relaxed.

4) Take some time to stare at yourself in the mirror and make faces. Be a character you love.

5) Listen to lots of your favorite music and please feel free to bring it for your shoot.

6) Enjoy the moment.

7) Clear your schedule. You're about to get the best headshots in the world.

Communication is the key.